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Book THE SHÔTÔKAN-KARATE DICTIONARY, by SCHLATT, 18 x 25,7 cm, new 4th edition, 296 pages, english. Compendium in which to look up the Japanese terminology used in the art of Karate-Do.
Book OKINAWAN KEMPO by Choki MOTOBU, 15 x 22 cm, 127 pages, english. Classical work from 1926. Paperback. Meaning and Origins of Karate - Styles and Changes - Position and Hip - Kempo Minor Rules - Kumite: 12...
Book My Art Motobu Choki "Watashi no Karate-jutsu". 14 x 20,5 cm, 119 pages, english. Compilation and Japanese to English Translation by Patrick and Yuriko McCarthy. 
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All kind of Karate, Kobudo and self defense books written in English language. Shotokan, Shito ryu, Goju ryu, Wado ryu, Kyokushinkai, Okinawan Karate, Historical books, Didactic books, Spiritual books, etc...

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