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Libro RENTANGOSHIN KARATE JITSU (1928) del maestro Gichin FUNAKOSHI, cubierta dura, inglés

Book RENTANGOSHIN KARATE JITSU (1928) by master Gichin FUNAKOSHI, laminated hardcover, numbered edition, 16 x 24 cm, 200 pages, english.

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Book RENTANGOSHIN KARATE JITSU (1928) by master Gichin FUNAKOSHI, hardcover.

16 x 24 cm, 200 pages, english.

Professionally and unbiasedly translated by Ayano Shimada.

Laminated hardcover.

Comes in a sealed slip case.

Each book is numbered and comes with a certificate and stamp of authenticity.

This is the second book, the founder of Japanese Karate, Gichin Funakoshi wrote. This work is very close to being 100 years old. Featured are many large, high quality photographs. This allows the reader to follow these original katas, performed by the master himself, with no variations. Included are some of the bunkai through easy to follow photos. We have included the translator's notes as well as explaining certain parts, which only a true researcher like Ayano Shimada can explain.

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